Cesare   Valitutto


Meet Cesare Valitutto, Blockchain Solution Architect from IBM’s London office and a very special guest during our DevFest Tbilisi. Cesare will be leading a tech-talk about Architecting a Blockchain-based Solution 101. Those interested in Blockchain technologies will also have an opportunity to attend a practical CodeLab. In order to participate, you need to pre-register (link). Slots are limited!

Sofia   Huts


Sofia Huts from Ukraine is a Software Engineer at Microsoft Prague office. At DevFest Tbilisi she will talk about Accessibility and how we shall consider hearing or visual barriers of our potential customers while developing our webpages, mobile apps and softwares.

Amahdy   AbdElAziz

Google Developer Expert | Vaadin

International technical speaker, Google developer expert (GDE), trainer and developer advocate. Passionate about Mobile and Web apps development, including PWA, offline-first design, in-browser database, and cross platform tools. Also interested in Android internals such as building custom ROMs and customize AOSP for embedded devices.

Daniel   Mahlow


Daniel Mahlow loves solving complex problems and wearing multiple hats. After his CS studies he worked as a systems engineer in a variety of environments, from large corporates to small incubators and co-founded the data science platform startup Contiamo in Berlin, where he leads technical operations. Avid runner and VR/AR enthusiast.

Mikheil   Akopov

Bitphoria AG | App3Null

Mikheil is Chief Technology Officer(CTO) at Bitphoria AG and Team Lead, Lead Android Developer at APP3null GmbH. He has 12 years work experience, working as Analyst Developer, Business Process Architect, lecturer, IT consultant. Mikheil is also frequently invited as a guest lecturer and speaker in many local or foreign conferences.

Emillia   Maj

Google Developer Expert | HUSKY

Emilia is a Google Developer Expert in UI/UX and has been certified as a Google Sprint Master. She is also the founder of the HUSKY design agency. HUSKY specialises in software product strategy, user experience and visual design. As a product designer, she's responsible for driving the software product from inception through execution to ensure that the products amaze and delight end-users.

Natalie   Pistunovich


Natalie Pistunovich is a learner, a Gopher, a public speaker and a sailor. She is leading the observability efforts at Fraugster, Berlin, and is the co-founder of GopherCon Iceland. Prior to that she was a Backend Developer at GrayMeta, Los Angeles, a co-founder at Connta, Nairobi, a Backend Developer at adjust, Berlin, and a Silicon Integration Engineer at Intel, Haifa.

Robert   Kubis


Robert Kubis is a Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform based in London, UK, specializing in container, storage and scalable technologies. Before joining Google, Robert collected over ten years of experience in software development and architecture. In his spare time he enjoys following tech trends & good restaurants, traveling and improving his photographing skills.

Tato   Kutalia


Tato is interested in Trending Technologies and eager to understand how to use them. He will Lead the Actions on Google Codelab session during the Devfest and will talk about the Google Assistant capabilities.

Oto   Lolua


Oto Lolua is working as a Frontend Development team lead at Singular. He will speak about Architecture of Angular Framework during the Devfest.

David   Chechelashvili


David Chechelashvili is an experienced high-tech entrepreneur in the directions of 3D/VR/AR and AI. At DevFest he will talk about technology commercialization and financing models.

David   Mereklishvili

Bank of Georgia

Davit Mereklishvili is a Student at Caucasus University and working as Android Developer at Bank of Georgia. He is an active member of Georgian Android Community - DroidUp.

Nino   Nanitashvili

GDG Tbilisi

Meet DevFest host, Nino Nanitashvili, organizer of GDG and WomenTechmakers communities in Tbilisi.

Giorgi   Vakhtangishvili

GDG Tbilisi

Meet DevFest host, Giorgi Vakhtangishvili, organizer of GDG and WomenTechmakers communities in Tbilisi.